Privacy vs. Security: Which do you Choose When it Comes to your Kids?

Geek Culture

The story is that some towns in England are equipping the "lollipop ladies" – their version of school crossing guards – with video cameras, empowering them to capture unsafe driving and other untoward behavior.  The English are, of course, much more accustomed to the pervasive intrusion of the CCTV cameras all over public spaces, so it’s not that crazy a development for them.  But what if it were tried in the United States?  Where do each of us, as parents, come down on this issue?  Is the safety of our children important enough to let us accept this small intrusion into our concept of public privacy?  Or is this the sin of trading our freedom for a modicum of perceived security?  What do you folks think?

Found via Engadget.

Image from the Daily Mail.

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