Intel ISEF2008: Wrap-Up

Geek Culture

Well, the awards ceremony just wrapped up.  It was a hall full of excited, energized kids from all over the world, and from what I saw there, I’d say the future is pretty bright.  The Puerto Rican contingent was particularly overjoyed when a number of their members took awards.  And one very cool add-on at the end was that each of the Best of Category, 1st Place, and 2nd Place awards winners will be having near-earth asteroids (the big ones) named after them!

I’d like to especially congratulate some of the people I interviewed yesterday on their awards:

Now I’m heading home.  I’d like to thank Intel one last time for sending me to the event.  Having seen this, I am planning on encouraging my own boys to get involved in their science fairs so that they might get the chance to see ISEF in the future.  It’s amazing! I hope you all enjoyed this little expedition.

Check out a slide show of images from the Intel ISEF 2008 in the Extended Post below.


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