The 10 Best Classic D&D Modules I Ever Played #1: In the Beginning

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DMB1 In Search of the Unknown
We were digging through the storage shed recently, when I should chance across the dusty stack of old Dungeons & Dragons modules I’ve had with me for… well, for a very long time. For all the GeekDads who have gamed, as I scan and read through these, I’ll post them for for your enjoyment and comment, if you remember them.

Here’s the first, B1: In Search of the Unknown – the module that came with the boxed Basic Set, and was the first adventure that many new gamers played, setting out to find and explore Quasqueton, the abandoned dungeon complex of famed (but now, sadly, dead) adventurers. It’s a classic dungeon crawl for beginning characters. The key things to remember:

  • If you’re quiet, and put out your lights, the bats won’t bug you.
  • There’s no treasure in the “Treasure Cave.” There are, however, two magical berserkers.
  • If you place a chip from the Magical Stone in you mouth, something really good (like granting a Limited Wish), or something really bad (permanent loss of 1 point of intelligence) will happen.
  • Don’t confuse the Magical Stone with the bat guano.
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8 thoughts on “The 10 Best Classic D&D Modules I Ever Played #1: In the Beginning

  1. I remember playing this module over and over when I was in the third grade. It certainly affected the way I viewed dungeon crawls ever since.

  2. I remember this well. It might have been the first one I ever played. Keep up the great work.

  3. By the time I bought the Basic Set this one had been replaced by The Keep on the Borderlands.

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