Intel ISEF2008: Modular Generic Robot Controller

Geek Culture


Another report from the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Atlanta.  This video shows sisters Tesca and Taytlyn Fitzgerald with their project titled "Make a Robot Spectacular in a Generic Way." Take a look in the Extended Post.

This project gets cool kudos for a couple reasons.  First, of course, is LEGOS!  Who can resist?  Second, and perhaps more important, is the very neat concept they’ve come up with.  If you don’t quite get it from the video, what they’ve devised is a generic robot controller module – basically a robot brain that can be transferred easily and quickly from device to device to perform different tasks using different tools without changing the programming. It looks like they used a Mindstorms brain, but developed their own programming framework.  Chris, did you see these ladies at the FIRST Robotics Championship a few weeks back?

Thanks to Intel for bringing me to this great event!

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