Doko! A New Online Game for Tweens

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Launching today, May 9th, is a new game from Mammoth Brand.  Doko [] is targeted at 6-13yo geeklets and looks like a cross between a trading game and an online world.

As players obtain Doko discs, they register them online and receive points.  Each time the disc is registered the person registering it gets points.  Additional points are also given to each person who registered before.  Discs can only be traded five times after the initial registration.

Doko points can be traded in for real world goods and services.  Right now there isn’t much of a selection but I’m sure that will change if the game becomes popular.

Users are identified by a computer generated username.  You’ll get a chance to steer the name based on preferences like favorite color, sport, food, etc. When you register a token previous registrants will see your city and state.

There are a few ways to obtain tokens.  The company is dropping a lot of them in public places and parks around the country (and eventually world).  You may get lucky and find one of those.  If your friends get any they may pass some on to you.  Failing all those methods you can purchase them at Toys-R-Us.  The retail price is set at $7.99 which seems a little steep to me.  They will become available at other stores in the future.

Beyond the trading and points aspect of the game, there are also dozens of online games to play.  I recognized some of them from elsewhere on the net so I assume Doko has an agreement to host (or embed) those games.  It isn’t apparent if any of these games will also earn points. 

As an experiment I’d like to offer up 3 tokens.  Each will be registered just once and I would ask that you pass them on so we can see them travel around the country.  The first 3 comments get one each.  Please only request a token if you have a geeklet between the ages of 6 and 13.  Be sure to use a valid email address when you comment and I’ll contact you for your snail mail address.

I’ll follow this up Tuesday with a review of the site and games.  That should give the kids a few days to let me know their opinion and to see some discs travel.

More pictures of the Doko discs can be found in my Doko set on Flickr.

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