Water Toys: The Brio Aqueduct

Geek Culture

We have been yearning for one of these Brio Aqueduct playsets for a while:


You can get the large set, above, for $70 on Amazon, a smaller one for $50, or a tiny one that’s on sale for $16. The two bigger ones aren’t cheap, but come on, they come with a lock.

I wrote about a simpler but more open-ended set by Haba today on Z Recommends, and reminisced:

I have a younger sister, and I remember spending countless summer hours as a child on our dilapidated brick patio, constructing "water slides"
out of extra bricks, running water from a hose and sending our combined multitude of plastic Smurfs and Strawberry Shortcake figures coursing through their channels.

One of those things I think fondly of once a year or so, but also wince at the thought of how much water we wasted. I mean, we’d run that water for loooooong stretches.



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