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Jott is literally blowing my mind. I asked for help a couple of weeks ago to get some GeekDad organizing tips/suggestions to get a handle on the geek life that I’m living. Balancing schedules with little league, and bowling league, and drama, and birthday parties and everything else that goes into raising kids. And for myself, managing the blog and having a day job, and working on an MBA; it was almost getting to be a little too much. And so there have been a lot of good suggestions, including Google calendar, which was a great start. But then having heard about it in a couple of different places I took a stop by Jott. 

Jott is realistically like an old episode of Star Trek. Do you remember
Gary Seven? Do you remember him, dictating his messages into a typewriter? Well we’ve all been waiting for voice recognition to get to that point, and I think it’s pretty darn close now.

What’s amazing is you call Jott on your cell phone on your landline phone and you pick someone or something for Jott to send a message to. Then you record your own message (you have to speak clearly of course, but it works pretty well) and then that message can be sent. It can be to a blog, it can be sent as an e-mail, it could be sent to your cell phone SMS, and it can be sent to a whole slew of web 2.0 API -connected web sites that help you do a ton of different things.

The two that are so far already showing signs of being immensely useful to me are that I can Jott items to my Google calendar, including setting dates and times and the like. And then also I can send Jotts to
Twitter so I can update my Twitter feed from my cell phone while I’m driving, or while I’m walking, all without having to use the keyboard.  I am really impressed, especially because I can see the productivity improvement already, and I haven’t really scratched the surface of what this can do.  Oh, and I actually composed this post on Jott.  Cool!

Link to Jott.

Image from Star Trek Inspirational Posters.

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