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I am so whipping your butt, Shatner!I am so whipping your butt, Shatner! Star Trek: the Original Series

"Amok Time"

An indispensable Spock episode.  This is also (I think) a rare Spock episode where someone other than Nimoy is making a significant addition to Vulcan-lore.  In this case, it is sci-fi writer Theodore Sturgeon, who adds that Vulcans have a seven-year mating cycle known as the Pon Farr.  It is during this time that Vulcans begin to lose their inhibitions and sink slowly into madness.  The only solution?  Return to Vulcan, enter the Kunat Kalifee ritual, and either take your mate or kill your rival.  Again, Star Trek gives us the super-advanced alongside the primal and savage.

So Kirk is forced to put his career in jeopardy for the sake of his friend and executive officer, and gets Spock to Vulcan.  Spock enters the Kunat Kalifee, but his betrothed, T’Pringg, rejects Spock in favor of a rival.  Who’s the rival?  Kirk?!?  "Uh, Jim, when’s the last time you were on Vulcan?" McCoy should have asked.  So, Kirk and Spock are forced into mortal combat.  Spock kills Kirk, is purged of the madness, and rejects his bride to be.  Kills Kirk?  Well, no.  McCoy just slips him a 22nd Century mickey (tetrodotoxin maybe?).  Spock and Kirk reunite on board the Enterprise and return to duty.  The Federation Boys Club is restored to its former order.

The Pup’s Response?

She didn’t buy Kirk’s death for a second, but that didn’t stop her from thoroughly enjoying this episode.  She’s a huge Spock fan now.

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