I Shall Call Him…Mini-Me!

Geek Culture

How awesome would it be to have a LEGO version of yourself?  Every time I go to my local LEGO Store, I think that what they really need is a system to allow anyone to get a custom LEGO version of him/herself.  I mean, if there’s a device that can scan you so you can get clothes made to fit you perfectly, why can’t I get a LEGO me?

Sadly, the day of custom-made LEGO people has not yet dawned for most of us.  But Wil Wheaton, arguably the most famous geek dad of all (well, maybe after Bill Gates), has something very much like it: a LEGO version of himself as Wesley Crusher.  This is so very cool, even if I can’t look at it without thinking that, when I was a teenager and glued to my TV every episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, if I’d had a LEGO Wesley Crusher I would have wasted no time in throwing him out of a LEGO airlock.

Please understand that I hold Wil in the highest regard.  It’s just Wesley I couldn’t stand, or at least I couldn’t in the early seasons when he was still wearing the sweater whose stripes adorn his LEGO facsimile.  From his (brilliant) writings, I think Wil would agree with me that Wesley was a much better character when he wasn’t saving the ship every other episode.  And I genuinely liked him as a character in the one where he’s at the Academy and his flight team does a Very Bad Thing and one of his friends gets killed. 

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