‘Mightier’ Teaches Children Emotional Control Through Gaming

Harvard Medical School and Boston’s Children’s hospital are looking to use video games to teach children how to moderate their behavior with Mightier!

Recently at PAX East 2018, I was able to have a conversation with Trevor Stricker the Co-Founder and V.P. of technology about, Mightier. As a parent with a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD, as well as Autism I was curious to see how video games could be used to help my son and many other children cope with the frustration and anxiety that often makes their education and socialization difficult. Many parents have been forced to use medication to treat their children with difficulties as I have had to do and I am sure a more natural approach would appeal to a great deal of us coping with these issues. The fact that the developers are working in conjunction with both Harvard Medical and the Boston Children’s hospital also give Mightier a great sense of credibility that parents prefer when dealing with their children’s mental health.

How does Mightier work? What are Bioresponsive Games? Watch this video:

I decided to ask Trevor Stricker some basic questions about Mightier:

Geek Dad: What was the catalyst that started this concept for Mightier?

Trevor Stricker: My business partner loves games. When the idea gestated he was thinking of games and the general accessibility problem with mental health—there are only 9 mental health workers for every 100,000 people. It was a long journey from there.

GD: Is there is a plan to kickstart or Go, Fund, this project?

Trevor Stricker: Even better, you can just buy it. Most of our parents just want something that works. They often struggle with things like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that bother even die-hard techies like myself. If we also had to explain that they were funding development of a project that may or may not get created it would just be too much.

GD: Are there other institutions working on this project?

Trevor Stricker: We partner with a number of institutions. Principally schools to use Mightier with their kids and therapists who use Mightier with their patients.

I will be ordering the introductory pack for mightier which you can purchase here for $249.

The Package includes:

  • Mightier game library
  • Expert parent support
  • Program access for the whole family
  • Mighty Band (heart rate monitor)
  • Online Member Hub

I look forward to writing more about this product after I have worked with my son on the program and do a more  detailed review but for now, I feel that it is a valuable tool for parents.

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