Extending GeekDad Contest #2: Hailing Frequencies are Open

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JawbonebluetoothheadsetJawbonebluetoothheadsetJust to reiterate: we have a fun contest going on!!!  We don’t have enough entries yet, so we’re extending the contest.  Give it a look!

The Idea

Good communication is a key part of the parent/child relationship.  Being GeekDads, communications can mean so much more than just a chat, though.  The goal of this contest is for a
GeekDad/geeklet team to create a means of communication between two disparate points using means other than traditional communications devices.


Two Jawbone bluetooth wireless headsets.


1. Build a communications device(s) or contraption that will relay a customizable message of at least 42 characters, between two points a minimum of 30′ away from each other, without utilizing direct visual or auditory methods
(no yelling, semaphores, or smoke signals).
2. By "customizable message," we mean that the message can be different each time the communication is sent.
3. Do not use anything that would normally be considered a communications device – no radios, walkee-talkees, telephones, or internet-connected devices.  Be creative, and hack something together out of unexpected components.
5. Produce a short video demonstrating the concept, construction, and functionality of your device.  Show how it meets the parameters of the contest, and have fun with the presentation (we suggest using
Creative Commons-licensed music if you need a soundtrack).
6. Upload your video to Youtube, and tag it with "GeekDad" and "Contest #2".  Drop us an email at wired.geekdad@gmail.com with the link.
7. Entries are due by end-of-day Sunday, May 11th.

The Spirit
The point is for a GeekDad/Mom and geeklet to work together on an interesting project, hacking together something that is both creative and functional – all in the Maker spirit.  We’ll be looking for creativity in the concept, design, materials, and presentation.  We encourage folks to have fun working together with your kids, and strive to go beyond just the letter of the rules. 

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