Top 10 Superhero Comic Books Your Kids Should Be Reading

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This is a cross-post from our friend Amy Cotrell at

There was a time when parents warned their kiddos that reading comics would rot their brains. Okay, some people still say that, but
I’m sure a lot of you would love for your kids to put down that Xbox controller and just read something!

The fam and I are in the local comic shop every Wednesday like obedient comic nerds and I’ll let the uninitiated in on a little secret… comic books really aren’t for kids. Case in point: Supergirl.

I’m not referring to older teenagers, of course, as I’m sure plenty of the mainstream books are suitable. However, tweens and younger should be relegated to the comic shop’s (appallingly) small kiddie section. Don’t worry, your geeklings will dig this stuff, too!

Both DC and
Marvel have age-appropriate titles that feature your kids’ favorite superheroes. Best of all, they are self-contained stories, so your kids won’t get lost if they miss an issue or two. (Saves you money in the long run, that. Trust me, collecting is a disease.)

I heartily recommend the following titles for your little ones. (We have been picking up some of these and tucking them away for our toddlers, lest they someday resort to Daddy’s Punisher collection and suffer intense trauma.)

  1. Justice League Unlimited
  2. The Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century
  3. Super Friends (Issue due on March 19 — w00t!)
  4. Teen Titans Go!
  5. Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four
  6. Marvel Adventures Hulk
  7. Marvel Adventures Iron Man
  8. Marvel Adventures Spider-Man
  9. Marvel Adventures The Avengers
  10. Marvel Adventures Two-In-One

Ken back here at the end.  I know this GeekDad community, and I know we have a lot of comic book fans out there.  Any other suggestions to add to Amy’s list?  Post them in the comments!

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