Snake-Bot Roundup

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Well, it’s Monday, and that can mean only one thing: Snake Bot time. I tried to come up with a Snakes on a Plane joke but my creativity failed me, so let’s just get to it.


The Wowwee Roboboa doesn’t actually slither, its body has four angled segments that rotate independently. The Roboboa is available only from Wowwee’s web site.


A project by Chris Meyers, this prototype tentacle wins points for beauty and potential.

Via the MAKE Flickr Pool.


This next one is one of the few snake bots I’ve seen that actually comes close to the full mobility of a real snake. A prototype, it still requires a hard line to supply it with power and data.

project details

via hack-a-day


A cool snake bot that can actually swim!


This one has the most realistic slither I’ve seen thus far:


Some snake bots fake the slither with wheels. The Aiko, created by Aksel Transeth and some of his colleagues at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, uses an actual slither action!


Via New Scientist


This bot, built by Merlin Robotics of the UK, boasts two innovations of note: pneumatic “muscle” actuation and optical position sensors that allows the operator to track the exact position of the robot’s body.

Via Robot World News

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