MIT Hackers Score Critical Hit

Geek Culture

Weeks after his passing, tributes to the late Gary Gygax still keep popping up. The most recent comes in the form of a giant, black D20 erected in MIT hack hotspot Killian Court.

Eric Schmiedl has an amazing collection of photographs of the twenty-sider, as well as the simple and heartfelt plaque that accompanies it. All are certainly worth your time, so be sure to check them out.

Longtime readers of GeekDad will no doubt be familiar with my personal dedication to the noble icosahedron, and thus I find this to be a superlative homage to the man who gave us a reason to stay on top of our ability modifiers. Since we’ve all had a little time to take in the gravity of Gary’s death and mark the ensuing flood of posthumous accolades, I’d really be interested to hear about your favorite Gygax tributes.

Via Laughing Squid

Photo by Eric Schmiedl

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