Cardboard Furniture By Kids

Geek Culture

Being a fan of the home furnishings Shangri-la known as Ikea (hey look in the picture – that’s the bunk bed I hacked apart for our kids’ room!), this upcoming episode of the PBS Kids show Design Squad caught my eye:

The PBS kids competition show DESIGN SQUAD is premiering an all new season of innovative engineering and design challenges on April 2nd
(check local listings). The season kicks off when the product mavens at
IKEA challenge DESIGN SQUAD’s aspiring teenage engineers to create eco-friendly Cardboard Furniture for display at the home furnishings superstore.  Cardboard has inspired designers for decades, from Frank
Gehry’s furniture collection that made waves in the 1970s to a recent gala at the Guggenheim that had guests seated at cardboard tables.
Those in the know have never relegated this corrugated wonder to packing boxes and neither do the DESIGN SQUAD teams.

The DVR is set.  After all, what better use for all those boxes that the furniture we buy at Ikea comes in, than to have the kids build more furniture?  Link to Design Squad.

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