Daily LEGO: A Chess Set To Build And Play

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Dave, over at BrickPlayer.com has sent along this really cool LEGO chess set he built.

After completing the first two Giant LEGO Chess Pieces, I realized I would need to build something smaller if I wanted to have a full LEGO Chess Set any time soon.  So, I set out to build a chess set sized so that would fit entirely on a board made from an X-Large Gray Baseplate 48 studs (15 inches) square.

There are 64 squares on a chess board, so some quick math told me this meant each square would be 6×6 studs.  It also meant each piece would need to be no larger than 4×4 studs if I wanted the chess pieces to be able to sit on the board without touching each other. I wasn’t sure I could get enough detail in such small pieces, but I decided to give it a shot and see if I could design within these constraints and still have identifiable pieces.

Even better, and a great GeekDad project for parents and Geeklets, he’s included the instructions on how to build it yourself. Go! Build! Play!

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