Top 10 Websites For Geeky Kids


Our friend Amy Cottrell over at has put up a nice list of ten great websites for the Geeklets in our household.

  1. BrainPOP
    – This is actually an educational site, but your geeklings won’t ever notice. The award-winning games and fun, animated videos make this a popular choice with school teachers and homeschooling parents. In fact, many parents prepare their children for standardized tests by using
  2. NASA Kids’ Club
    There’s something romantic about space, which is why many of us probably wanted to become astronauts when we were kids. I think a child’s interest in astronomy should be heartily encouraged, which is why NASA Kids’ Club is high on my list. Here, kids will have access to amazing photographs, footage, space facts and games.
  3. Marvel Kids
    – This is an awesome new site from Marvel Comics that took me by surprise. Unfortunately, both Marvel and DC Comics have lame, cluttered sites. However, Marvel is fun, easy to navigate and includes some awesome freebies that even I enjoy. Check out the Iron Man animated shorts they are currently running – they are 10 times better than most of the comic book-related stuff on television right now!

You’ll have to head over to her site to see the rest, but I’ll add a link to one more that’ll be near and dear to the GeekDad community: Making of a Brick, a tour through the process of making a LEGO.  Thanks, Amy!

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