Pittsburgh-Area GeekDads: Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror Young Writers Workshop Coming Up

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A couple days ago, Cory over on Boing Boing posted about Alpha, a Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror workshop for young writers:

Alpha is a 20-student, 10-day intensive science fiction and fantasy writing workshop for teenagers from 14-19, run on principles similar to those at the Clarion workshops. It looks like a hell of an experience, the kind of thing I’d have given an arm to attend when I was a teenager
– this year’s instructors are Tamora Pierce, Timothy Zahn, Michael A.
Arnzen and Christopher McKitterick. The submission deadline is March 1.

I wrote my first unpublished science fiction novel in high school, and have produced a couple more on my own and through National Write a Novel Month since then.  That writing led directly to my running a play-by-email Star Trek RPG/fan-fiction writers group, and the experience running that group gave me the very specific skills that led to being chosen editor of this very blog.  So I can only highly recommend anything that gets young people writing genre fiction.  If you’re a parent in the Pittsburgh area with a kid at the right age, I say check it out.  Link to the Alpha Workshop.

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