pencil it in: International Mustache Month

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Stache Triptych by Kevin LawverStache Triptych by Kevin Lawver
The Way of the Geekdad is about being a geek, but it’s also about being a dad. And nothing screams "Dad" as loudly as… facial hair. That’s why I’m going to participate in International Mustache Month:

The idea is simple: grow your beard throughout February, then shave back to a glorious mustache for a gala beer party at the end of the month.

On this site, we will chronicle the saga of the hairiest month, detail the ever-important rules, and provide a home for temporarily mustachioed men to unite.

For me, this is my first real commitment to growing a beard since I started to shave. The geeklet is really excited about the prospect of seeing "daddy’s fluffy white beard" too (his primary experience with beards consists of Santa and his grandpa), so all systems are go. Who’s with me?

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