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Closed JornoClosed JornoAlmost every gadget lover (or person reading this blog) is never without their mobile electronics. Whether it be a smartphone or a tablet or even something in between, mobile computing is a way of life for us. But what about getting the most out of those products? I carry, most of the time, a smartphone and a tablet, but I wait until I get home or to work before I do any really typing. I never got used to the whole “thumb typing” that most expert texters are proficient at and the tablet virtual keyboard works for me – albeit very slowly.

Solution – Get a portable keyboard.

I have tried the Zagg case and a few of the other tablet cover style keyboards and had pretty good luck with them. Problem with many of these are that they are designed to use with one specific tablet and they pretty much turn the tablet into a laptop or netbook. I am looking for a more versatile solution to use with multiple devices.

Next Solution – Get the Jorno keyboard

Jorno OpenJorno OpenThe Jorno, hailed as the world’s smallest keyboard, serves as an on-the-go solution for typing on a variety of mobile devices. This pocketable keyboard is the size of your palm when folded, measuring in at 7.6mm. It folds up like a Transformer action figure, and easily fits into your pocket. Unfold it and Jorno will “transform your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet into a fully functioning laptop.” It also pairs via Bluetooth to deliver convenient connectivity capabilities with a wide array of devices. Thinking of everything, the folks at Jorno built it with a rechargeable battery that can an entire month on one charge with regular usage!

Problem – Jorno has just a couple days left in Kickstarter.

If you are interested in a Jorno keyboard, check out their Kickstarter page and get yours now. There is only a few days left and it looks like funding will not be a problem. Check out their excellent introductory video also on their page, here.

Jorno in useJorno in use

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