One GeekDad Shows It Off

Geek Culture

Faithful GeekDad reader Chris Blatnick sent in a great story and a great picture:

I purchased a new car recently and decided to go for some vanity plates.  I went through many iterations, cleverly trying variations on some Lotus products (I work for IBM in the Lotus Software division), names of bands I like, Star Wars and sci-fi themes, etc.  In the end, I couldn’t find one particular plate that I really loved.

As I was sitting there one night reading my feed from the Geekdad blog, it hit me.  I’m a geek and a dad and those are really the two major things that define me.  And, really…if you’re going to have vanity plates, they might as well speak to who you are.  Thus, a shiny new Geekdad plate now adorns my car!   Of course, since I’m a geekdad, it had to be somewhat leet-ish

Take a look:

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