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How To Charge An IPod Using Electrolytes And An Onion – video powered by Metacafe

Yesterday we tried to light an LED using lemon batteries. (See the preliminary results at my Home Chemistry blog.) But in researching that project I came across this great idea — charging your iPod using an onion soaked in Gatorade. It comes from Household Hacker. My favorite part is watching him plug the USB adapter right into the onion. What a satisfying squirty connection. How mothers everywhere will start howling when their kids show them their sticky USB chargers.

We will definitely be trying this one also, although since we are not an iPod family we’ll have to find something else to ruin.

UPDATE: Thanks to tmh who burst my bubble on this one.(See comments below.)  Seems Household Hacker’s videos are actually well-constructed pranks. And yet Mentos can make Diet Coke explode. The world is so mysterious.

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