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Hacking the Holidays


Admittedly I’m a few weeks late for a post of this nature –my bad… Better late than never, though. I was in Toronto last week and had a chance to duck out of the office during a break and check out what the Silver Snail comic shop had been up to with their holiday window decorating. I’m glad I took the time. Please excuse the photo quality -it was snowing, bloody cold, there were crowds of people and I was in a rush. But this is cool enough to require posting anyway. So if you’re on Queen Street West in Toronto, make sure and check it out.

I think this guy and Robot Santa from Futurama could team up to give the Heat Miser and Snow Miser a serious run for their money in terms of playing Christmas anti-hero.

Another thing I apparently missed at the Snail in December was an event the store staged as an alternative to having your picture taken with a mall Santa Claus. How about having your photo snapped with a Santa costume-adorned Predator instead? Here’s the link to a Flickr pool they set up to capture this mahem. And if you want more Silver Snail goodness and missed it the first go ’round, here’s a post we put up last year for their brilliant Muppets re-enacting Lord of the Rings window display.

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