Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Almost the Same


Really interesting, and heartening, article up over at DIYFather this week, reporting on a new study by an English group called The Fatherhood Institute, showing that 70% of Moms (or in this case, "Mums") think Dads are just as good at managing the kids as they are.  There’s plenty of other statistics about how important it is for Dads to spend time with the kids, and all that, but I just want to remark upon how nice a cultural change it is that families are really becoming balanced like this.  I know when I was a kid, the Dad was the bread-winner, and Mom was far more focused on the home and child-rearing.  Now, my wife and I balance all of it together, and I think our kids are reaping the results.  The study is focused on trying to change the labor laws in the UK to allow more flexibility for Dads to be with their kids when it’s important, a goal I can whole-heartedly support.  Go read the whole thing.

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