A Mind-Blowing Internet Illusion via Mike Super


A few weeks ago I took the GeekMom on a Disney
(sans Geek-kids…!) – is that geeky enough?

(Before you answer….we sat at a dining table with a couple celebrating their 37th! wedding anniversary, and they chose a
Disney Cruise…)

This was the first time away for just GeekMom and I (for more than one night) in several years, and I take her on a Disney
Cruise…really.  We chose this – because we knew it will be several years before we get to do this again, so we went with what we knew….but I digress…

The first night of the cruise we got to see Mike
– the recent winner of NBC’s
.  What a show.  I freely admit, I’d never heard of him before the cruise, but wow – I’m now a fan.

If you have any interest in illusion, you should see this guy perform.

  • He’s family-friendly
  • he has his sister as his assistant
  • he ends every show with a tribute to his mom.

I recently went to his website, and found this link.  You must check it out….and if you can figure it out, please send me an email or leave a comment….because I’m stupid…er…stumped….but then, I’m not so good at math.

Just remember to use the word Lavenous in a sentence this week.

[Image from mikesuper.com]

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