“The Drama of Really Cold Stuff” and Julius Sumner Miller

Geek Culture

Behold the entire video collection of Professor Julius Sumner Miller and his grand physics demonstrations.

I never had the pleasure of seeing Professor Julius Sumner Miller do his stuff in my youth, but boy was I deprived. In a world left to the demonstrations by relative amateurs, Miller’s casual physics expertise would be a welcome part of your, and your geeklet’s, internet-science-diet.

These videos are a total hoot. They had me at the opening, which sets up like the opening credits to "Day of the Triffids," complete with creepy music. So far, my favorite video is Liquid Nitrogen.

I don’t know whether the appeal lies in the Professor’s accent, his demeanor, his pocket protector, or his complete lack of protective gear! Watch him reach into containers of liquid nitrogen bare handed like a chef reaching for boiling eggs! A classic peek into a more innocent time…

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