Return of the Heathkit HE-RObot

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Heath_herobot_2Heath_herobot_2Heathkit, maker of many beloved electronics kits in ages gone by (but no more!) is re-introducing their Heathkit Educational RObot product. The original was released in 1982 and featured a Motorola 6808 processor and 4 KB RAM, storing vast volumes of data on a cassette tape.


Needless to say the new version sports rather improved specs: Intel Core 2 Duo, webcam, 80-gig hard drive and runs XP. It can be controlled via joystick or move autonomously with IR obstacle sensors. The unit is rumored to be available now, with educational materials forthcoming early 2008.

So, someone tell me how long it will take for some enterprising nerd to load Linux on this baby?

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