GeekDad Holiday Wish List

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Ed. Note: This list is intended as a companion to the GeekDad Gift list we’ve been building to give you all ideas for your kids.  This list is meant for all our readers with GeekDads in their lives, who are looking for fun gift ideas as well.  We hope it is useful!

As reviewed at Cool Tools.

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This year’s GeekDad list to Santa starts with
this replica of Doctor Who’s famous tool coming via ThinkGeek complete with lights and authentic sounds – and a pen. It seems way cooler than this one from Entertainment Earth. Besides, the ThinkGeek version has this going for it:

Cool Note: The story goes like this: the prop made for the new series was small. Then this toy came out – it was bigger to accommodate the batteries – and the Doctor Who producers revamped the TV prop on a mold from this toy. So this Sonic Screwdriver is exactly the same size as the one Doctor Who uses on TV!


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