Dadhacks: Instant Party Picture Microcasting

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Faithful reader Nathan sends in the high-tech "hack" he set up for instantly microcasting the pictures from his son’s birthday:

I recently received an eye-fi card
– an SD card w/ WiFi capability (Wired’s covered it previously).  As pics are taken they’re uploaded directly to the PC and any of quite a few photo sharing sites, incl. Picasa, though I use Sharpcast.

After setting up the album on Sharpcast earlier in the day, I hooked up our TV (which has a VGA input) to a laptop in the house and set the album on a full screen slideshow.  As I took pictures they were displayed within a few minutes on screen for the kids and parents to see.  This also let the grandparents watch the party in near-realtime instead of needing to wait until the end of the day when I managed to get my way to the PC.

Thanks, Nathan!  Indeed, this technology is amazing, and I can’t wait to see more creative uses.  Think about it: if you had a laptop with an EVDO card with you, you could easily do the same thing while mobile! 

If you’ve done some sort of cool DadHack, send it into us at the contact email in the sidebar, and maybe we’ll post it as well!

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