You Let Our Child Watch What?!?

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"Kill Bill"

Just kidding.

"The Time Machine" (1960)

Forget the 2002 remake.  Not because it was inappropriate for kids, but because it was just terrible.  The 1960 version with Rod Taylor is a really decent sci-fi/horror flick that I think still stands up today.  The special effects won an Academy Award and remain effective.  That coupled with the pacing of director George Pal, combine to form some genuinely exciting and even scary moments.

The Time MachineThe Time Machine
Sex: there is none at all.  There is only one female character with any real development, Weena (Yvette Mimieux), and she never removes a stitch of clothing or even kisses George the time traveler (Rod Taylor).

Violence: the violence is pretty low-key, by today’s standards.  There’s very little blood, some occassional fisticuffs between George and the Morlocks, but that’s about it.

Horror: the Morlocks may seem a little hokey by today’s standards, but their glowing eyes and keeping to the shadows are still pretty effective.  I could tell by the pup’s reactions that she thought the Morlocks were worth vocally warning George and Weena about, but not worth nightmares.

Values: while you could say that Weena’s character isn’t a great role-model for little girls, none of the Eloi are good for anything until George comes along.  Weena’s uselessness has to do with her time, not her gender.  Other than that, the only real message of the movie is that people need to think for themselves.  Easy for kids to grasp, and pretty much inarguable if you’re not an evil overlord.

Conclusion: a classic thriller that has withstood the test of… no, no, not going to give into the temptation.  Sorry.  Last note: at the end of the movie when George has gone off to rebuild the future, he takes three books with him and we are asked "which three books would you take".  The pup’s response?  "City Building for Dummies".  That’s my girl.

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