Kids, Dad or Me? The “Haven’t Decided Who It’s For” Gift Wishlist

Geek Culture


Photographic Periodic Table Poster by Theodore Gray
The kids say go for the 3D version. It’s printed on a heavy ridged paper that gives different views from different angles and a pop-out effect when you stare straight ahead at it.


Star Trek The Original Series HD DVD
We don’t have HD yet, but if the remastered effects on "The Doomsday Machine" teaser are any indication, they’ve done a nice job bringing this series into the 21st century.


Brock Magiscope
I have wanted one of these forever (we were given a Toys R Us special instead). But they say the Brock is idiot proof and indestructible, and it has a "real" lens that actually works. You can get a no-frills model with only one moving part for under $120.



 AstroscanAstroscan Edmund Scientific Astroscan

Another item I’ve meant to get for quite some time. By reputation this is to telescopes what the Brock is to microscopes — simple, sturdy, and high quality. Around $200.

Magic Crystal Tree for the Holidays

(To go with our latest Home Chemistry project.)

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