Ernie Cline Signs a New Book Deal

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Ernie Cline. Image provided by Wunderkind PR

Hold on to your controllers! New York Times bestselling author Ernie Cline has signed a substantial book deal. The full details of which are still a secret, but here is what we can tell you about the book deal with the Ready Player One author:

  • The title for the new book is Armada.
  • Ernie Cline sold the North American publishing rights to Crown Publishing, which is a division of Random House. The foreign publishers will be announced sometime soon.
  • Julian Pavia — Cline’s editor for Ready Player One — will also be the editor for Armada.
  • Cline has secured a seven figure advance for this title, both for domestic and foreign publishing rights.
  • Cline was able to secure this book deal based on a 20-page proposal. The story details of Armada are still a secret. However, according the Wunderkind PR, “The story is said to have a high concept hook that offers the ultimate wish fulfillment to every video game fan on the planet.”
  • There are already talks of a film, though the rights to the film are yet to be sold.

Ernie Cline’s first book Ready Player One was also purchased by Random House, with Warner Bros successfully outbidding many other studios for the film rights. The film adaption of Ready Player One is by Ernie Cline and A Better Life‘s Eric Eason.

Ready Player One was the GeekMom Book Club read for September 2012. If you missed the discussion the first time around, please feel free to go back  and read the introduction, watch the GeekMom Hangout with Ernie Cline, read the conclusion, and share your thoughts on Ready Player One.

Are you excited by the news of a new book by Ernie Cline?

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