An Elastic Solution to a Knotty Issue

Geek Culture

From Geekdad contributor Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools site (story authored by Steven Leckart), we find one of those forehead-slappingly obvious ideas that we never thought of, but might now not be able to live without: Golaces.

These sets of individual elastic bands convert standard lace-ups to slip-ons. Each band has triangular-shaped anchors to keep them from slipping out of the eyelets. The bands can be tricky to squeeze through, but once they’re in, they stay put in my experience. They’re available in three sizes (small – large, depending on the desired fit)
and a variety of colors, including fun neons (!) but also white and black if your step doesn’t need the added flash. It’s really a wonder no one thought to invent these sooner. After a friend gave me a set, I salvaged a pair of running shoes from the back of my closet. Call me lazy, but because I can easily kick ’em off and slip ’em on, they’re the only shoes I wear on the weekend.

First, I want some for myself, both out of laziness, as well as a great utility for making all my shoes travel-friendly (I hate taking my shoes off in airport security lines and having to tie them back up again).  Second, I can see these being a really useful alternative for folks with arthritis or other disabilities.  As for the kids, well, I would probably debate the need to make sure they know how to tie laces before letting them have these, but I still think they’re cool!

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