Flip Someone Off for the Holidays

Geek Culture

Reader Bernard (who admittedly works there) points us to a neat photo-printing service called Flip Clips:

We make flip books from peoples’ digital videos.  They’re definitely a retro-techno way to put those digital camera
videos to use.  I thought of you guys (at Geekdad) because many of our customers are parents with little kids.  The books are a fun reminder of something the kids have done and the kids really like playing with them.

This is the kind of stuff I love on the web these days!  Similar to Moo.com, or any of a number of other services for doing interesting things with your pictures and video.  Many of them will even cross-load pictures from Flickr, and other sharing sites.  I’m getting a bunch of these flip books and sending them to friends and family this year!

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