Halloween Panic Time

Geek Culture

A couple weeks ago I wrote about how it was high time to get ready for Halloween. Well, guess what? With crunch time waaaaaaaaaayyy past, prepare for full-blown panic if your costume isn’t done or your party plans are incomplete. I know at my house, there will be some tense moments with a hot glue gun before my mission is done. Here are a couple of last minute resources you may have overlooked:

1) Candy companies love Halloween. For example, Hersheys.com has tons of resources like spooky treats, costume ideas, trick or treat bags, and pumpkin ideas.

2) Check out GeekDad fave Instructables’ DIY Halloween 2007 photo gallery. Most of the entries have instructions or at least an interesting story behind them so don’t be shy with the mouse.

3) If all else fails, rush to your nearest bookstore and pick up Make Magazine‘s Halloween special edition. In addition to costume advice, the zine has tons of ideas for haunted houses, ghostly parties and creepy canapés. Cylon Jack-o-Lantern! Home-made fog machine! Edible heads!

Photo courtesy of Windell H. Oskay, www.evilmadscientist.com.

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