1:30 LEGO Star Destroyer: Do The Nerd Math

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Imperial SDImperial SD
After seeing the fantastic new 5000-piece LEGO Millennium Falcon in an earlier GeekDad post, I realized it had to be a scale model because the minifigs actually fit into the Falcon the way they would if both ship and crew were full sized. Which made me wonder, how big would a LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer be if built to a similar scale?

The first step was to determine the scale of the Falcon. On the web I found the site of a guy who had built a LEGO Falcon (Cool LEGO site of the week for August 1-7, 1999!) and he had all sorts of factoids that he had discovered while working on his project. I found the number I was looking for: 27.5 meters.

The newer Falcon set LEGO released is 90cm long. Compare to 27.5m and you get a scale of roughly 1:30. Excellent, now to figure out the size of the Star Destroyer. After checking Dan Carlson’s now-legendary Starship Size Comparison Chart I determined an Imperial class Star Destroyer is 1600 meters long. A 1:30 scale model of such a ship would be 53.333 meters long, or around 178 feet. Can you imagine how many bricks you’d need? As for minifigs, the folks at the Star Wars wiki Wookieepedia put the number at 36,810 officers and crew.

So, the glove has been thrown down, GeekDads. Create a 1:30 scale model of an Imperial Star Destroyer in LEGO. Any takers?

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