Yard Art Shark

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Yard art shark, yard art shark, yard art shark… try saying that ten times, really fast.

We made our yearly trek to the Western Fair last night; anyone from Ontario will know this one, but for the rest of you, think of it as the equivalent of a State Fair. Big midway, agricultural exhibits, mostly artery-clogging (but delicious) food, games where you can win a stuffed animal that won’t fit in the car, pie-baking contests and booths with guys hawking indestructible wonder knives.

We were there for the midway and maybe the food. My kids are at the age where they are a sugar-fuelled blur running from ride to ride and that goes on until they drop from exhaustion. My job is mostly to hold stuff and to take pictures, while my wife tries to keep us all in the same general area instead of scattered to all corners of the fairground. We got a pretty good run in this year, but eventually our luck ran out and we got hit with heavy showers. The kids were on a ride when the cloudburst let go and I couldn’t exactly dash for shelter while they were out there, so I got absolutely drenched as well. But, when we did get everyone into a building to escape the rain, we stumbled across an exhibit of “Yard Art”. The posted rules are that Yard Art is to be composed of recycled material including junk like old pots and kettles, weathered wood, old ashtrays and salvaged sinks to create one-of-a-kind objects.

These two, an octopus and a shark, really caught my eye. I wish I had the skill and imagination to turn my garbage into something as cool as these.



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