DIY Super Mario Mobile

Geek Culture


HH5 Will at Gaming With Baby got bored one afternoon, and ginned up a homemade Super Mario mobile. Or, perhaps more appropriately, a super Mario mobile! What, you may ask, does this little project require? "An old mobile, 550 cord, some card stock, a printer, and a general sense of boredom." So the next time you’ve got a rainy Sunday in hand, maybe that’s the time to bust out a quick set of boxes.


On the other hand, maybe you’re not up to the whole "insert Tab A in Slot B" routine. In that case, cruise over to Etsy and check out pixelparty’s felt Space Invaders mobile. It’ll set you back $70, but if you’re less than handy with the scissors, that might be money well spent.

Update: Corrected link to Gaming With Baby.


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