Deconstructing Music

Geek Culture

Or: how to make getting rid of an old piano a fun educational experience for your kids

The piano was purchased from a funky coffee shop for $50 seven years ago, with visions of stripping the purple-painted vinyl (the paint had reacted poorly with the synthetic fabric, and would stain your hands if you touched it), refinishing the wood, and providing our boys with a proper musical instrument in the house.  Upon being brought home, it was stuck in a corner in the garage, and neglected.  Rats moved in over the years and destroyed whatever potential is still had of being a working musical instrument again, and so the time came to get rid of it.

Sadly, the waste disposal company wouldn’t take anything that weighed over 150 pounds, meaning we needed to break it down.  Destroying a piano isn’t something one gets to do every day, so being the proper Geekdad I am, I included my boys in on the deconstruction, and took pictures.  Coolest part?  We found a 60 year-old penny lost inside.  I hope you enjoy!


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