The Last 10 Miles Take Forever


47boston_sm47boston_sm We’re getting ready for vacation, so I zoomed through a bricks and mortar store tonight to pick up some Dad reading material. I stopped to gawk at the Audio version of The Dangerous Book for Boys.  Looks like a nice way to spur discussion on bow-making, the Wonders of the World and maybe some Grammar on those long summer car trips.

"The Cabin" is 4.5 hours away and is becoming a pleasant drive now that the older boys (5,6) are much better at self-entertaining with a huge pile of books and a DVD or two. A multitude of questions keep the driver awake. Ten miles of gravel road at the end feels like the longest leg of the trip. 

Our longest drive ever with kids? Our trip from Minnesota to SE Michigan and back for PALM felt the longest.  It was a great time, except for two hours of extended screaming at the end.  What was your longest drive with your kids?  What were your strategies for thriving? 

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