Jack Odell, RIP: Give a Geeklet a Matchbox Car Today!

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A respectful moment of silence, please, to honor the memory of Mr. Jack Odell (right), the man who invented Matchbox toy cars.  Mr. Odell died earlier this month at the hearty age of 87.  I’ve posted an obituary and remembrance of him at my own blog, if you’re curious.

Here, however, I’d like to point out that Matchbox cars are still being manufactured, and they remain just as appealing to kids today as they were decades ago. Fugghetabout all those goofy and expensive educational toys that just end up gathering dust on a shelf. Pound-for-pound and dollar-for-dollar, Matchbox cars may well be the most efficient Geeklet entertainment tool in every GeekDad’s arsenal.

For one, they’re CHEAP — a single Matchbox car can often be purchased for less than a buck, and buying them in sets reduces the cost even further.  They’re also drop-proof and pocket-portable, which is handy for field deployments. Most importantly, kids — especially the young ones — really dig ’em. I keep a supply on hand at our house to occupy our friends’ children when they come over to visit, and I’ve found that a Matchbox car works just like a pacifier to keep a kid cheerfully entertained. The smiles they generate are instant, very wide, and long-lasting.

So, in honor of Jack Odell, why not give your Geeklet a Matchbox today?

Expecting GeekDad Update:
Our first child was due… yesterday!  Go-bags are packed, GeekWife is resting comfortably, and soon life will never be the same, ever again.  I’m ready.

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