G.I. Joe Paratrooper Hang-Time Contest Results

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At the end of May,
I suggested a contest to see how much hang-time a G.I. Joe paratrooper action figure could get.  We had several great suggestions in the comments – ranging from water-balloon sling-shots, rockets, and water-rockets.  Turns out the Kentuckiana
Joe Club
has been working on this since last year after a similar discussion in alt.toys.gi-joe, and the results are very impressive.



On Friday – July 13th, the team brought out their new-and-improved water-rocket.  This one is designed specifically for launching G.I. Joe.  At apogee, inertia causes the capsule to separate and the parachutes to deploy allowing Joe to begin his descent.



Last October, the team had an early-stage version of their current water-rocket.  They took video [from the ground and from Joe’s(!) perspective]:

There’s another
YouTube video of the radio-controlled, G.I.
Joe-sized recovery vehicle
going after the famed paratrooper.
It’s not to be missed. Extra points awarded for knowing the movie soundtrack used on this YouTube video…

So, a tip of the hat to the Kentuckiana Joe Club – so far, their Joe has the most hang-time.
(all images and video courtesy of the Kentuckiana Joe Club)

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