A GeekCake for a GeekDad-to-be


True Confession: I’m not a full-fledged GeekDad… yet.  But my wife and I are expecting our first Geeklet in mid-July — a girl! — so the countdown is very much underway.

In the meantime, some friends threw a baby shower for us last weekend, and GeekGrrl extraordinaire Jennifer Granick came through with the fabulously geeky cake shown here.

Basically, it’s now possible to have an image "printed" on the front of a cake using an ink jet-style printer that uses edible inks. (Here’s the website of Icing Images, a company that manufactures edible printing systems.)

To create our cake, Jennifer grabbed a photo of our baby’s ultrasound (circa 12 weeks) from Flickr, printed it out, and took it to the Noe Valley Bakery here in San Francisco.  For an additional $15, they added the image to the top of the cake.

We thought this was hilarious (if slightly creepy, in a good way). More importantly, the possibilities for GeekDad fun with this technology are virtually limitless.  Ask a bakery near you if they can create edible images.

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