ROCstock XXV Starting Soon!

Geek Culture

Coming to a dry lake bed near you! ROCstock is a 3-day semi-annual model rocket launch held in Lucerne Dry Lake, California. If your idea of high powered model rocketry is a Big Bertha Rocket with a D engine in it, prepare to be blown away.

ROCstock features hobbyists firing off rockets of every size, ranging from little Quarks firing 1/4 A engines to hybrids and high powered monsters firing M engines requiring 10,000-foot FAA waivers and special certification. The launches start at Noon Friday and don’t quit (except for grudging 8-hour sleep periods) until Sunday at 1PM.

If that weren’t enough, you have to deal with the environment. Launchers in the desert have to contend with dust devils and 100-degree heat. The lake bed is covered in cracks and ruts, and organizers urge visitors to bring three times as much water as you think you’ll need. While spectating and camping are free, a $60 ROC membership is required to participate in the club’s 10 monthly launches and both ROCstocks. The good news is that all of your kids and "up to one spouse" are covered as well. Or for the budget minded, a $10 fee permits launching for one day.

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