Keeping the Geeklets Sharp Over Summer Break

Geek Culture

Over at the Macworld Editor’s Notes Weblog, Scholle Sawyer McFarland offers up six tips for keeping your kids’ minds active and sharp over the often purely lazy summer break. Don’t let the fact that it’s Macworld put you off if you don’t use a Mac. Although the software solutions are Mac-centric, the tips themselves are general enough, for the most part, to apply to anyone with a computer and a school-age geeklet.

In addition to McFarland’s tips, I’ll put in a plug for geocaching and/or orienteering, as well as suggesting that using your GPS mapping software to let your kids help you map out your summer vacation trip can be a great way to teach map-reading and other abstraction skills. Over my shoulder, my spouse, a librarian and dedicated Geekmom, says I should also double-plug McFarland’s suggestion of your local library and their summer reading program. Enjoy your summer, everyone!

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