Best camp ever….BOOM!


What I would have given to go to this when I was a kid. From BoingBoing:

Explosive camp trains demolition kidsExlosivescampnprExlosivescampnpr NPR reports on "explosives camp" in Missouri, where kids are taught to be explosives experts:

"Some people like baseball, others like math – I just like to set off bombs," he said. "I figure here, learning how to do it properly is better than messing around with it at home, right?" Meadows is one of 20 teenage campers enrolled in a weeklong explosion camp in the Missouri Ozarks. At the camp, high school students from as far away as Egypt and Hawaii shoot dynamite, TNT and plastic explosives. The camp’s leader, Paul Worsey, a professor at the University of Missouri, Rolla, uses the camp as a way to attract new recruits into the unglamorous field of mine engineering. He recruits students to help carry on the industry, which is facing a serious personnel shortage…

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