NoseFrida – This Thing Really Sucks

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One of the scariest things a parent can experience is when your child cannot breathe through their nose due to congestion from a cold or allergies. Infants rely on open nasal passages to be able to suckle a bottle and breathe at the same time.
If their nose is clogged they cannot eat and both of you will be miserable.

Until recently the only way to attempt clearing out your baby’s nose was by way of a “bulb syringe“.  The standard design has been around unchanged for years, is unreliable and really sucks! What was needed is something that
really sucks (in a good way).

Leave it to the folks who brought us Ikea and the Swedish
Beer Drinking Team to come up with a way to clean out your baby’s nose in a logical and controlled manner.


Our 6 month old had an uncloggable nose. I searched the Internet hoping to find a logical solution to help him out and happened upon the NoseFrida website. This was just what I envisioned and sure enough it existed! NoseFrida is form and function in simple brilliance. All you do is place the end of the collection tube in the baby’s nose and the other end in your mouth. Now suck. Instant relief from a thankful baby. We give NoseFrida to everyone we know who has an infant and the positive reports keep coming in. I never thought that something which sucked so much would be so great.

NoseFrida is about $20.00 shipped anywhere in the USA. It pays for itself with just one use. Remember: Always check with YOUR doctor prior to using any medical device on your child.

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