Mother’s Day pancakes

Geek Culture

Inspired by the Instructables posting on pancakes, the kids and I made them special for
Mother’s Day.  We mixed the batter with food coloring and had to hurry when GeekMom came downstairs earlier than expected.

I love making pancakes with my kids.
I’ve added food coloring in the batter to make eyes, a nose, a mouth, and eyebrows so they would have a smiling clown face at the breakfast table.  Some weekends, if we had it in the house, I’d add a touch of whipped-cream for hair or a mustache. 

My younger two children (ages 8 and 5)
still like making the clown faces.  My oldest daughter (14) and son
(11) are more interested in eating breakfast rather than looking at it – besides, they’re typically sleeping when pancakes are being made…  This weekend was extra special with mixing red and blue food coloring for the purple we used to make flowers, stars, planets, squiggles, and a space alien (I think) while following the
Instructables posting..

We were having fun and getting the hang of it when GeekMom popped into the kitchen unannounced.  We scrambled to cover the pancake-batter writing we were working on with plain batter so she couldn’t see and ruin the surprise.

Our creations didn’t come out perfect (you know what I was trying to write with batter – letters came out backwards and such), but it’s just another reason to try this again some Saturday morning in the future.

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