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It’s end-of-the-school-year-project-time in our school district.  My oldest son came home with an assignment to build a ship – no real directions beyond that.  He mentioned it to his
Grandfather and you couldn’t hold Grandpa back from helping out.  They’ve spent the past couple
Saturdays together for this project.

The first weekend involved sketching the plans for the boat on the back of their breakfast paper place-mat, running to the hobby shops to buy materials, and then cutting/sanding/gluing the base of the balsa wood boat together. Grandma made the wise, motherly suggestion of using hot glue on the balsa wood; it turned out to be just the thing the two guys needed to complete the project. The second weekend was for the fine details – paint, cannons, sails rolled up on the mast, and hatches to be battened down.

GeekGrandDads are really GeekDads with more experience, and they’re ready to help the second generation of geeks find their geekness.  I’m hoping you have the blessing of a Grandpa of your kids living nearby.  If not, may I suggest that your family adopt a Grandpa and Grandma at church or through a community group that you’re involved in.  There is amazing wisdom and creativity to be found in the relationship.  My kids have only a twenty minute drive to connect with one of their Grandpas.

I know it was as much fun for Geoff’s Grandpa as it was for Geoff.  The end result: their rendition of the Nina

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