Door-Size Layouts for Model Railways

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One more model train posting and then I’ll quit this theme for a while. This one is another comment added to the previous posts which I am elevating because of general interest in a such a nifty idea. Reader Michael M. writes: “You should check out the small, micro and door sized layouts at The smaller 27″ curves and cheaper switch tracks make for excellent kid proof/ kid sized layouts. That’s what I’m doing with my five year old son.”


The idea here is to utilize an old door as the platform for the model world. You get a very limited size and the door makes it portable to store away. The site mentioned above offers a bunch of free plans with layouts creatively worked out and illustrated with classy 3D views. Another plus is that the layouts are for 027 gauge, that is the larger size track, often ignored these days for smaller scale. It’s easy enough to scale down. From the website:

An old but effective trick for making a small layout is to build it on an old door. Layouts of this sort are usually made for children, or are set up during the Yule holidays. Some people use these doorway layouts as portable displays. While serious model railroaders strive for larger areas, the doorway layout is a good way to have a permanent, portable layout in a small area. We have used three different widths for doors: 30 inches, 32 inches and 36 inches. The width used for a particular set of layouts will be stated in the heading of that particular set.

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